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Ilani Ramos, Permit Division Executive

Ilani Ramos, Permit Division Executive
Ilani Ramos

Ilani Ramos is the Permit Division Executive at Design 2147, Ltd. She has a decade of experience in the expediting industry dealing with projects that range from private home alterations to new buildings. Ilani began her career as an Assistant Project Manager specializing in property violations. She has since transitioned to the Permitting Department, where she oversees the permitting team dealing with DOB, DOT and FDNY matters.

In her role as Permit Division Executive, Ilani is responsible for managing progress throughout the permit and violation process to ensure minimal delays. Additionally, Ilani manages DOT filings including but not limited to securing permits for sidewalk repairs and Sidewalk, Curb & Roadway Application (SCARA). She maintains contact with clients to coordinate and assist with all Department of Building requirements through completion. Ilani focuses on providing a seamless customer experience by maintaining great communication and strategic alignment.

Lehman College, CUNY





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