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Permitting, Expediting, Violations and Landmark

Permitting, Expediting, Violations and Landmark


Permitting, Expediting, Violations, and Landmark

Since 1986, Design 2147 has successfully secured permits and resolved violations for thousands of owners, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors throughout New York City.

Our approach is rooted in first-hand experience working in the fields of architecture and contracting. The firm’s leadership each were responsible for developing shop drawings and coordination drawings for contractors prior to founding Design 2147. As part of this work, they each gained a deep understanding of what is necessary not only in designs and schematics but also at the job site to keep a project on track.

Based on our expertise, we’ve developed a proven, matrix-based model for permitting. It encompasses the “known” required items from all agencies, plus items that we know from our experience will be required even if not explicitly stated. This model has saved project owners and architects substantial amounts of time and money.

Specific permitting, expediting, violation and landmark services include: