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Our approach to all projects is rooted in what we call the 3 A’s:


We protect the interests of our clients. We are passionate about delivering successful results and we advocate for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Attention to Detail:

Our reputation for attention detail is unparalleled in the design and construction industries.

Attention to People:

To get a building built, it’s necessary to build relationships. Since 1986, Design 2147 has developed strong relationships across the building industry and the agencies that regulate it. And while the Department of Buildings may refer to projects by case number, we never forget that each project is made up of individual people – and we give each of them the individual attention they deserve.

We also follow a team-based model so that all Design 2147 staff are up-to-date on all client projects. This ensures continuity and consistent communication with clients no matter who is working on a project at the moment a client reaches out.

In addition to a significant number of firms in the design professions, our diverse clientele also includes builders, specialized construction firms, attorneys, developers, national retailers, and many of New York City’s cultural, educational, medical and non-profit institutions.