Design 2147 offer services regarding:

  • Municipal processing and expediting
  • Department of Buildings
  • Department of Transportation Permits
  • Landmarks
  • Environmental Control Board
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • General consulting services
  • Building Code and zoning consulting services
  • Research services
  • Project coordination and site representation services
  • Fire Department (FDNY) Violations

Design 2147 services a wide variety of clients. The services that we provide are often assembled as unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. The services listed above are often combined to create specific packages designed to tackle long-term projects, major construction or renovation programs, or general maintenance of facilities.

Samples of several packages of services provided include:

  • Code compliance evaluation and correction implementation programs.
  • Semi annual property analysis updates.
  • Ongoing project reviews and consultations.
  • Owner representation services.
  • “In-house” expediting services.
  • Major capital program municipal compliance services.
  • Project team selections and recommendations.

Facilities-based Services

Facilities-based services are designed to be perpetual in nature. Thus a “facility file” is maintained by Design 2147 and is maintained and updated on an ongoing basis. As projects are filed, violations dismissed, or other changes take place, these events are recorded in our central file. Whenever any stakeholder related to that facility has questions regarding specific events or projects, we can quickly respond and provide resolution.

Project Related Services

Project related services are limited in nature, but may last for several years. These services are goal oriented. Examples include obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy at project completion or clearing all violations or other irregularities from agency records for a particular facility. These projects may require many types of services, usually beginning with research in order to understand the facility. Upon completion of research, an implementation plan and timetable is presented.

Design 2147, Ltd. continues to grow and evolve as we strive to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. The regulatory system that drives development in the city of New York has experienced some major changes in recent years and, staying a step ahead, we have assembled a team of experts from various fields to provide assistance to design professionals, developers and builders.