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Zero Tolerance DOB Inspection Sweep

Zero Tolerance DOB Inspection Sweep

The DOB announced on June 1st that a team of DOB enforcement inspectors had been mobilized across the city to perform safety inspections. The inspections are anticipated to be of large and complex construction sites to ensure safety for workers and the public.

The inspectors have been given a mandate for zero tolerance and will be issuing violations for any unsafe conditions and stop work orders for serious safety violations. Penalties may be up to $25,000 for each violation.

During this sweep, inspectors will specifically be looking for:

  • Compliance with required site safety plans
  • Compliance with NYC’s construction safety regulations
  • Proper use of safety harnesses and fall protection systems where required

Additionally, inspectors will be distributing “Worker Alert” safety information regarding fall prevention.

For more information on the five new construction safety bills introduced to City Council see the DOB’s press release. These bills introduced code revisions and safety requirements to better protect construction workers and the public.