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Updated Construction Superintendent Requirements

Updated Construction Superintendent Requirements

Local Law 149 of 2021 became effective June 1, 2022 which limits licensed Construction Superintendents to no more than five non-major buildings at a time. Previously Construction Superintendents could monitor ten jobs. Note that Local Law 149 of 2021 gradually steps down the number of applications a Construction Superintendent may monitor, ultimately resulting in one job per Superintendent by 2026.

If a job meets the definition of major building, the licensed Construction Superintendent may only be responsible for that job. A major building is defined as “an existing or proposed building 10 or more stories or 125 feet or more in height, or an existing or proposed building with a building footprint of 100,000 square feet or more regardless of height, or an existing or proposed building so designated by the commissioner due to unique hazards associated with the construction or demolition of the structure.”

The DOB may authorize a Superintendent to supervise multiple non-major building applications on the same lot or contiguous lots and count it as one job for these limitations.

It is the responsibility of the licensed Construction Superintendent to limit the number of jobs they are designated on. Failure to comply may result in violations, intent to revoke permits, and Stop Work Orders.