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SIA Registration & Elevator Violations

SIA Registration & Elevator Violations

Special Inspection Agencies (SIA) must be registered for new 2022 Construction Code inspections by November 8, 2023. SIAs which do not have the new certifications will not be able to perform the new inspections. For more information see the DOB’s Service Notice.

DOB will be issuing violations for failure to file category 1 elevator test reports in 2018-2022.

All elevators require annual category 1 testing by an approved elevator inspection agency and witnessed by an approved third-party agency. Elevators require additional inspections depending on the device type: every three years (Category 3) for water hydraulic elevators and every five years (Category 5) for all other devices.

See DOB’s Service Notice for more information on Elevator Cat 1 violations. Contact your Design 2147 for assistance resolving violations.