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Reminder_Diaper Changing Stations go into effect this Sunday

Reminder_Diaper Changing Stations go into effect this Sunday

As a reminder for our previously issued newsletter here, the requirement regarding diaper changing stations goes into effect this Sunday July 8th.

Local Law 34 of 2018 added the following section to Chapter 11 of the 2014 NYC Building Code:

1109.2.4 Diaper changing accommodations. In assembly group A occupancies and mercantile group M occupancies on each floor level containing a public toilet room, both male and female occupants shall have access to at least one safe, sanitary and convenient diaper changing station, deck, table or similar amenity, which shall comply with Section 603.5 (Diaper Changing Tables) of ICC A117.1.

This means that many applications involving public toilet rooms for Occupancy Group A (Assembly) or M (Mercantile) spaces will likely require access to a diaper changing station, accessible to both men and women.  Because this is an accessibility requirement, it is applicable to prior code buildings when a space is being altered.