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Reminder: Inclement Weather Preparedness

Reminder: Inclement Weather Preparedness

Property owners are required to maintain their properties in a safe condition at all times, including construction activities. The NYC Department of Buildings performs random inspections of properties around the city to ensure safety during severe weather. If any construction site, building, or equipment is not adequately secured a violation and/or Stop Work Order may be issued.

Buildings Bulletin 2015-029 clarifies the requirements for preparing construction sites for high-wind weather events. Proper planning and execution of a high-wind preparedness plan is essential to maintaining safety at the construction site. A high-wind preparedness plan should include at minimum:

  • Proper storage of construction materials and debris
  • Protection of masonry walls, steel frame, wood floors, and roofing under construction or repair
  • Secure unfinished building enclosures
  • Secure all temporary protection measures such as sidewalk sheds, fences, netting, guardrails, concrete formwork, and scaffolds
  • Secure all material and personnel hoisting equipment, including cranes, construction hoists, and suspended scaffolds

The NYC Department of Buildings provides courtesy weather advisories.