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Permit and Benchmarking Extensions Issued by DOB

Permit and Benchmarking Extensions Issued by DOB

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) continues to update procedures and regulations during the New York state of emergency.

Permit Renewal Extension

Any permit that is already in effect will remain effective until the expiration listed on the permit. Permits that have expired during the state of emergency have been extended for the duration of the state of emergency. Should the state of emergency be extended, the permit expiration date will automatically be extended.

The entity holding the permit must have valid insurance as required by law for the duration of the permit. Work cannot continue under an extended permit without valid insurance.  Additionally, any ongoing work must have an Essential Construction Certificate of Authorization to continue.

For more information see the DOB’s Permit Extension Service Notice.

Essential Construction Work

Buildings Bulletin 2020-006 updates the prior Bulletin regarding suspended construction sites adding information about permit extension and violations. It is important to ensure that sites are fully complying.

The DOB will be regularly inspecting construction sites to ensure compliance with emergency orders. Any site not in compliance will be subject to violations with penalties up to $10,000.

Benchmarking Filing Extension

Owners of covered buildings are required to submit energy and water consumption data to the DOB annually by May 1st.  Due to the ongoing public health emergency the DOB is granting a grace period until August 1st, 2020.

Owners who do not submit by May 1st will receive a reminder to submit by August 1st to avoid violations. If a fully compliant report is not submitted by August 1st violations will be issued for each quarter that the building has not been compliant.

For more information on the benchmarking extension see the DOB’s Benchmarking Guidance Service Notice and the DOB’s Benchmarking page.