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New Tenant Protection Plan Procedure

New Tenant Protection Plan Procedure

Do you have a project that involves a building with a dwelling unit that will remain occupied during construction? The procedure for filing the required Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) has changed, effective January 25, 2016.

In the past, Tenant Protection Plans and associated notes were included as part of the construction drawing set. Now TPPs will need to be filed as separate drawings with the written narrative filed on a new form – the TPP1 form. This change will make all TPPs more easily accessible to the public by having the TPP viewable online through the application’s Items Required page  or Virtual Job Folder.  The TPP will be part of the application for the construction that requires the TPP; the TPP is not a separate DOB application.

All Tenant Protection Plans must be on 11×17″ sheets. The content of the TPP will remain the same:
(minimum requirements per 2014 Administrative Code 28-104.8.4)

  1. Egress
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Health Requirements
  4. Compliance with Housing Standards
  5. Structural Safety
  6. Noise Restrictions
  7. Other Requirements

Your Design 2147 Project Manager will prepare the TPP1 form, including the TPP narrative prepared by the Professional Engineer or Registered Architect. The signed and sealed TPP1 form and associated 11×17″ TPP drawings will be submitted by Design 2147 for the review and approval of the DOB Plan Examiner, along with the application for your scope of work.

For additional information, please see the DOB’s service notice regarding this change here.