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New DEP Permit Requirements

New DEP Permit Requirements

New requirements became effective April 12, 2022 regarding large areas of soil disturbance and new impervious surfaces.

Any application that disturbs 20,000 square feet or more of soil or creates 5,000 square feet or more of impervious surface is required to submit NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Stormwater Construction and Stormwater Maintenance Permits and provide the Department of Buildings (DOB) with:

Prior DOB to Approval:

  • DEP Stormwater Construction Permit or
  • DEP Determination of Non-Jurisdiction prior to DOB approval and

Prior to DOB Sign-Off:

  • DEP Stormwater Maintenance Permit or
  • NY State DEP Conservation Notice of Termination prior to DOB sign-off.

Note that this requirement is applicable to all of New York City, not just work in an MS4 Area.

For more information see the DOBĀ Service Notice.