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Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Due to an increase in fires, injuries, and deaths attributed to lithium-ion batteries five bills related to e-bikes and lithium-ion batteries have been passed by the City Council and signed into law by the Mayor as of March 20, 2023:

  • 656-2022, effective immediately, requires FDNY to develop a public education campaign regarding fire risks from electric mobility devices.
  • Int. 663-2022, effective September 2023, prohibits the sale, rental, or lease of batteries and powered mobility devices that do not comply with safety standards.
  • 722-2022, effective immediately, requires FDNY to publish reports with data on fires caused by e-mobility devices and recommendations to decrease fire risks.
  • 749-2022, effective September 2023, requires guidance to be published regarding the safe use and storage of e-mobility devices by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.
  • 752-2022, effective immediately, prohibits the creation and sale of refurbished lithium-ion batteries.

Mayor Adams has also announced the “Charge Safe, Ride Safe: New York City’s Electric Micromobility Action Plan” which focuses on promoting and incentivizing safe battery use and storage, community education and outreach, advocating for additional regulations and enforcement of electric mobility device safety standards, and promoting the safe use and riding of e-mircromobility devices.

The 2022 NYC Fire Code, effective April 15, 2022, also includes new regulations about the storage and charging of powered mobility devices.

Click the link for FDNY’s safety flyer regarding lithium-ion batteries.