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How to Grill Safely in NYC

How to Grill Safely in NYC

Portable outdoor barbecues are governed by NYC Fire Code §307.5.

Charcoal, electric, propane, or piped natural gas barbecues may be stored and used on residential premises. Propane barbecues are not permitted in non-residential settings.


  • The grate area of the barbecue cannot exceed 10 square feet.
  • Barbecues must be at least 10 feet away from anything combustible, including combustible roofs and decks, and any door or window within 10 feet should be closed whenever feasible.
  • Have a portable fire extinguisher with a 4-A rating (class K for commercial cooking) or a garden-hose attached to a water supply readily available.
  • Propane containers are limited to 16.4 ounces for multi-family residential buildings (R-2 occupancies) and up to four of such containers may be stored indoors.
  • For single & two-family homes (R-3 occupancies) the same rules apply for 16.4-ounce containers as above, but such homes may also use a propane container with a capacity up to 20 pounds. However, such 20-pound container shall not be stored or used indoors or on any rooftop or balcony. A maximum of two 20-pound containers may be used or stored on site.
  • Natural gas barbecues will need to comply with the NYC Fuel Gas code §263. Such installations must be installed by a New York City Licensed Master Plumber.
  • Periodically clean barbecues grills and trays of any accumulated grease or fat.


For a list of NYC parks that allow barbequing searchable by borough, click here.

Barbecue grill in use.