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DOB Updates Emissions Limits

DOB Updates Emissions Limits

This week, the Department of Buildings (DOB) released a Service Notice establishing new emissions limits based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) property types. Previously limits were based on NYC Building Code occupancy groups.

Owners of covered buildings must submit annual building emissions reports by May 1st every year to DOB as required by Local Law 97 of 2019. The report for the first compliance calendar year of 2024 is due to DOB by May 1, 2025. The reports for calendar years 2024 & 2025 have the option of using ESPM property types or Building Code occupancy groups, if certain conditions are met. Building emissions limits must use ESPM property types beginning with the report for calendar year 2026.

Covered buildings include, with some exceptions:

  • buildings greater than 25,000 gross square feet;
  • two or more buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet total on the same tax lot, or;
  • two or more condo buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet total governed by the same board of managers.

For more information, see the DOB’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting page for more information about Local Law 97 of 2019 compliance.