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DOB clarification of planning procedures for construction sites during inclement weather conditions.

DOB clarification of planning procedures for construction sites during inclement weather conditions.

With winter fast approaching that is sure to bring inclement weather conditions, Design 2147, Ltd. wants to alert our extended family and friends that the DOB has updated its procedures clarifying the planning required for construction sites and activities.

Note that the below relates to only construction sites and activities covered by the 2014 Code. For 2008 Code projects, click here.

Contractors are responsible for maintaining their construction sites in a safe and lawful manner at all times – including during inclement weather conditions. Contractors are responsible for monitoring weather predictions, including wind, by meteorological stations and DOB Weather Advisories.

Contractors must properly secure and prepare construction sites for extreme weather, including high-wind events – when sustained winds are predicted to reach or exceed 60 miles per hour, or when ordered to do so by the Buildings Commissioner – to ensure public safety and protect adjoining property.

Contractors and construction site managers must have a high-wind preparedness plan that details how they will prepare, secure, and protect their construction sites from high wind. The scope of the high-wind preparedness plan should, at a minimum, cover the following areas:

  • Proper task planning;
  • Pre-storm preparation;
  • An emergency response team; and
  • Post-storm inspection and repair procedures on construction sites.

The details contained in the high-wind preparedness plan should include, at a minimum, the following items, which include verifying that daily housekeeping requirements have been executed prior to shutting down the site, as well as executing specific actions in advance of high-wind conditions:

To view the complete Buildings Bulletin 2015-029, click here.

1.  General Construction

  • 1.1  Storage of Construction Materials / Debris
  • 1.2  Masonry Walls Under Construction or Repair
  • 1.3 Steel Frame
  • 1.4. Wood Floor and Roofing
  • 1.5 Unfinished Building Enclosures
  • 1.6 Concrete Construction

2.  Temporary Installations for Construction

  • 2.1 Perimeter Netting, Guardrails, Cocoon
  • 2.2 Concrete Formwork
  • 2.3 Supported Scaffolds
  • 2.4 Construction Fences and Barriers
  • 2.5 Excavation, SOE, Underpinning
  • 2.6 Sidewalk Sheds
  • 2.7 Roof Protection

3.  Material and Personnel Hoisting Equipment

  • 3.1 Cranes
  • 3.2 Construction Hoists
  • 3.3 Suspended Scaffolds and Unguided Material Hoist

4.  Action Plan