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Demo Plan Submission Exemption

Demo Plan Submission Exemption

The DOB has changed the requirements for full demolition submittal documents.

The 2014 Code exempts specific sites from demolition plan submissions. Please note that this exemption is for plan submissions only and is not an exemption from the requirement for filing a demolition (DM) application.

Demolition submittal plans are no longer required for the full demolition of detached buildings (other than 1-, 2- and 3-Family Homes) if the following applies:

The demolition is limited to handheld devices only, including handheld mechanical devices

  • The building is 3 stories or less
  • Each floor of the building is 5,000 square feet or less of floor area

This exception applies to above-grade and foundation removal with handheld devices. The use of an excavator or similar non-handheld devices will require demolition submittal documents and plans.

The DOB has also clarified that partial demolition using handheld devices during a minor alteration will not require demolition submittal plans.

To learn more about the above exemptions and exemptions for 1-, 2- and 3-family homes see the DOB service notice here.