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Apartment Fire Safety Notices

Apartment Fire Safety Notices

FDNY recently updated rules for posting Fire Safety Notices in dwelling units. Every R-2 occupancy dwelling in NYC must have a fire safety notice posted on the inside of the unit’s door and in a common mailbox area. Homeless shelters with a voice communication fire alarm system and educational dormitories are exempt from this requirement. R-2 condo and co-op ownership structures must comply with these rules.

Fire safety notices on R-2 unit doors have been required for 20 years. Recent legislation reinforces that it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that these notices are maintained and replaced when damaged.

The owner of an R-2 building is required to:

  • Prepare and distribute a fire and emergency preparedness guide, including a building information section completed by the owner, to all residents and building staff
  • Reproduce and distribute an annual fire and emergency preparedness bulletin to all residents and building staff
  • Prepare, post, and maintain fire and emergency preparedness notices
  • Each apartment tenant or owner must confirm the fire safety notice is posted on the door by April 30th each year by completing a form and returning to the building owner or,
  • Owner must inspect the apartment at least once every three years to confirm installation of fire safety notice
  • Prepare and post ‘close the door’ notice on corridor side of all stair doors

FDNY posts a sample close the door notice, fire and emergency preparedness guide, and an annual bulletin along with other useful information for owners on their reference page.

The full requirements for residential Fire Safety Notices can be found in the Rules of the City of New York Section 1. Section 401-06 of Chapter 4 of Title 3, updated sections are available here.