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Annual Boiler Inspection Scope Clarified

Annual Boiler Inspection Scope Clarified

Periodic boiler inspections, also known as annual boiler inspections, are required each year to ensure low-pressure and high-pressure boilers are operating safely.

The Department of Buildings recently published Buildings Bulletin 2022-006 to clarify inspection requirements and responsibilities for the owner and boiler inspector.

All parts of the boiler equipment, including boiler control and safety devices, must be inspected annually for both low-pressure and high-pressure boilers. A Qualified Boiler Inspector must document the test results and indicate that the boiler equipment is in good operating condition. The owner must file the annual boiler inspection reports with the DOB and comply with any inspection requirements. The owner must also post the testing results in a water and damage-resistant covering within each boiler room.

For more information see Buildings Bulletin 2022-006 and the highlights document.