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Clarification for New Fireblocking Requirements

Clarification for New Fireblocking Requirements

This week DOB issued Buildings Bulletin 2022-013 to clarify new code requirements for fireblocking in combustible exterior wall assemblies, ahead of the November 7th, 2022 effective date of the 2022 NYC Construction Codes.

Fireblocking is required in exterior wall assemblies that include combustible components, even if the assembly previously passed the NFPA 285 (2012) test. Noncombustible fireblocking is required around wall openings, at the floor level for 8” minimum height, and between different occupancy group classifications. Some fireblocking exceptions may apply to specific conditions.

The construction documents must include the manufacturer’s NFPA 285 test documentation for the exterior wall assembly and a statement from the application confirming compliance.

For more information see Buildings Bulletin 2022-013.