DOB Gas Piping Work Civil Penalty Amnesty Program

Posted on March, 23 2017

To encourage the repair and resolution of any gas piping work completed without a permit, effective April 5, 2017, Local Law 158 of 2016 launched a Gas Piping Work Civil Penalty Amnesty Program.

Any associated DOB civil penalties for the legalization of fuel gas piping systems or a violation for work performed without a permit associated with fuel gas piping systems will be waived if:

  • The work was performed, or the violations were issued prior to April 5, 2017 and civil penalties have not yet been paid; and
  •  A permit is obtained to resolve the unauthorized work between April 5, 2017 and October 5, 2017; and
  • The application is signed off one year from the day the permit is issued.

Any such Gas Piping Work Civil Penalty Amnesty jobs must be submitted as a Limited Alteration Application (LAA) filing. LAAs are filed by Licensed Master Plumbers, Licensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors, or Licensed Oil Burner Installers.

Any non-LAA work or other non-gas work included in the violation must be filed separately and is not eligible for the Amnesty Program.

The Gas Piping Work Civil Penalty Amnesty Program only applies to DOB Civil Penalties and is not applicable to ECB fines.

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