Wheelchair platform lifts allowable in older buildings

Posted on June, 3 2016

Wheelchair platform lifts are often proposed as part of an accessible route in existing buildings. The DOB recently issued a Bulletin clarifying the new regulations for platform lifts under the 2014 Building Code.

Platform lifts are prohibited in new construction and certain alterations as part of an accessible route. If a prior code building is required to comply with 2014 Building Code for accessibility due to a change of occupancy or use or based on value of alterations, the project is considered new construction and platform lifts may not be part of the accessible route (BC 1101.3.1 & 1101.3.2), except in specific instances as listed in BC 1109.7.

When work in a prior code building that was not subject to Local Law 58 of 1987 is not considered new construction, wheelchair platform lifts may be part of the required accessible route.

Every specific project has unique conditions and these should be carefully reviewed prior to installing a wheelchair platform lift. Contact us if you have further questions about how these regulations apply to your project!

To view Buildings Bulletin 2016-008, which outlines these regulations in much greater detail, click here.