Temporary Places of Assembly Resume

Posted on June, 25 2021

DOB has resumed accepting Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) applications which were previously suspended during the state of emergency.

New TPA Certificates of Operation are being issued with the condition that the applicant is responsible to ensure that the event complies with all applicable New York State: NY Forward Guidelines. The NY Forward website should be checked for the latest guidelines specific to the type of proposed occupancy.

TPAs are required for gatherings of more than 75 people in an indoor space or roof terrace and 200 people or more outdoors.

The duration of a TPA permit can range from one day (for a specific event) to thirty days for an on-going public assembly use. On-going TPA permits may be renewed every thirty to ninety days.

Typically, certified fire guards are required to direct occupants to exits as specified by the applicant and the DOB.

For more information about TPAs see the DOB’s TPA Resources page.