Revised Construction Superintendent Responsibilities

Posted on January, 6 2017


Any new permits or renewed permits require a construction superintendent if the job does not fall within a Site Safety Program and if the work includes one of the following:

  • Vertical or horizontal enlargement
  • Demolitions of more than 50% of floor area of existing building
  • Alterations of more than 50% of floor area of existing building that require special inspection for structural stability
  • Complete removal of one or more floors (stories)
  • Any work requiring a special inspection for underpinning or support of excavation (SOE)
  • If a Site Safety Manager has been listed on a previously secured NB or ALT I permit that is also not a Site Safety Project, they must now be superseded with a Construction Superintendent.

A construction superintendent is also required for:

  • Construction of New Building
  • Full demolition of existing building

Unless otherwise required above, a construction superintendent is not required for:

  • Jobs requiring a site safety plan
  • One-, two-, or three-family New Buildings (NB)

Alternate Construction Superintendent

  • If the primary construction superintendent (listed on the PW-2/permit) is unable to perform any of the required duties, an alternate Construction Superintendent may substitute for up to two weeks. This does not have to be reported to the DOB.
  • The PW-2/permit must be amended if there is a permanent change to the construction superintendent.

Note that no individual may be designated as the primary construction superintendent on more than 10 jobs per RCNY 3301-02.

To read the DOB service notice summarizing these changes click here.

To read the text of RCNY 3301-02 regarding construction superintendents click here.