Reminder: Sprinklers for Office Buildings

Posted on March, 10 2017


High-rise office buildings are subject to retroactive sprinkler requirements. Office buildings which are 100 ft or more in height must be fully sprinklered by July 1, 2019 per Local Law 26 of 2004.

As part of the implementation of LL26/04, interim progress reports are required to be filed until the subject buildings are fully sprinklered. Previously required reports were the owners affidavit in 2005 and the seven year report in 2007.

A fourteen year report must be filed by July 1, 2018 unless a final report indicating the building is fully sprinklered was filed. The 14-year report must contain a certification by an architect or engineer of the percentage of the building which is sprinklered and an implementation plan detailing when and how the remainder of the building will be sprinklered.

To read more about the sprinkler requirements per Local Law 26 of 2004 see Buildings Bulletin 2011-019 here.