Reminder: Inspection Ready Online Tool

Posted on January, 1 2016

We notified you of the Inspection Ready Online Tool back in September of 2015. Since there have been a lot of questions surrounding this, we wanted to take a moment to remind our Design 2147 family of the new process which is highlighted below.

The Department of Buildings has launched an online inspection scheduling tool and has retired the phone reservation system. Inspections must now be scheduled through this online portal by Owners, Licensed Professionals (including Architects and General Contractors), and their Delegates. In order for Design 2147, Ltd. to schedule the inspections for your project, you MUST delegate us at the beginning of each project. If you do not do so, delays may occur and you will have to schedule the inspections.
Unfortunately, we cannot delegate ourselves; only Owners and Licensed Professionals may delegate. This also means that you must be registered with Inspection Ready. To register, please click here.
Please use the instructions below to delegate Design 2147, Ltd. after you have registered.
  1. Log into Inspection Ready
  2. Under Buildings select Access My Records
  3. Select the ID Number of the appropriate Record(s)
  4. Then select the Actions button
  5. Continue to Manage Delegates
  6. Add Inspections@localhost as a New Delegate
  7. The system will verify the Delegate, then select Continue Application
  8. Click Continue Application  to skip Remove Existing Delegates page
  9. On the Manage Delegates page confirm correct email address is displayed and select Continue Application
  10. A screen will confirm the Record has been successfully updated
For additional step by step instructions, see the DOB guide for Delegating Responsibilities.
Don’t forget to check out the DOB’s Inspection Ready page which has numerous resources for this new portal.