Reminder Construction Superintendents: Limit of Ten Jobs

Posted on April, 20 2018

November of last year we wrote that Local Law 81 of 2017 would be going into effect. Click here.  The law added requirements to Chapter 33 of the Building Code which included, among other things, the following:

3301.13.6 Limitations on the designation of primary or alternate construction superintendents. An individual may only be designated as a primary or alternate construction superintendent for that number of jobs for which he or she can adequately perform all required duties. No individual may be designated as the primary construction superintendent on more than ten jobs.

Even though this has been effect since November, the DOB has issued this service notice. The notice states that as of Monday, April 30, 2018 the Department will not issue or renew a permit if the designated Construction Superintendent is already designated on ten (10) or more active permits.

It appears that starting as of this date, the DOB will actively be verifying the number of jobs a particular construction superintendent is assigned to and enforcing the requirements of BC 3301.13.6 by not issuing/renewing permits. The service notice gives some guidance as to how to handle certain situations. It may be necessary to: change, withdraw, or release the construction superintendent depending on the status of the project in order to renew a permit or obtain a new one for a superintendent who has many active jobs.

See the service notice here or contact our office for more information or  learn more about how we can assist you with all your building needs!