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Project Manager/Approvals Department

Posted on September, 15 2014

The Project Manager [PM] reports to either a Senior Project Manager [SPM] or Project Executive [PE]. They are responsible for the coordination of filings with the various NYC agencies. They are responsible to understand the needs of the project and coordinate all issues and strategies with the client, architect, MEP disciplines and the owner.

The Project Manager must be proficient in reading plans and should possess a Class 2 registration with the Department of Buildings. The project manager is required to offer weekly updates to the Senior Project Manager on the status of all filings.

Primary duties include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Meets with the SPM to review plans and understand the project strategy.
  • Either solely or in conjunction with the SPM is responsible for client contact and the maintenance of reports and logs for the duration of a project.
  • Prepares all city agency forms and coordinates with the Filing Representatives to achieve the project schedule.
  • Files applications through the NYC HUB system, when required.
  • Prepares and updates status reports for internal and client use.
  • Notifies internal team members when projects are approved and ready to move to the permit stage.
  • Performs additional duties as required.