Owner Notification Required for Tenant Protection Plan Job

Posted on July, 22 2021

The Department of Buildings (DOB) implemented a new system for owners to notify the DOB prior to beginning work that requires a Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) on May 17, 2021.

TPPs are required for any building where construction is taking place and a dwelling unit will remain occupied during construction. The TPP must be submitted prior to permit issuance.

For applications filed in DOB NOW:

  • The owner must submit notification in DOB NOW: Build at least 72 hours before starting work requiring a TPP
  • Submit the notification by logging into DOB NOW. From the dashboard, select +Notifications, then Tenant Protection Plan

For applications filed in BIS:

Owners must continue to notify occupants of work requiring a TPP, see our prior newsletter for more information.

See the DOB Service Notice regarding TPP Owner Notification and the DOB’s Tenant Protection Plan page for additional information.