Mayor de Blasio Releases OneNYC:  The Plan for a Strong and Just City

Posted on April, 25 2015

“One New York:  The Plan for a Strong and Just City’ is a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and resilient city for all New Yorkers that addresses the profound social, economic, and environmental changes ahead.  It sets measurable goals for tackling those challenges including a poverty reduction target of 800,000 New Yorkers by 2025, zero waste to landfills by 2030, and the elimination of long-term displacement from homes and jobs after shock events by 2050.

OneNYC is divided into four visions for a stronger, more equitable, more sustainable, and more resilient New York City.  Below are some notable attributes from each of the (4) visions.

Vision 1: Our Growing, Thriving City

New York will continue to be the world’s most dynamic urban economy where families, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive:

  • Housing:  New Yorkers will have access to affordable, high-quality housing coupled with robust infrastructure and neighborhood services.
  • Transportation:  New York City’s transportation network will be reliable, safe, sustainable, and accessible, meeting the needs of all new Yorkers and supporting the city’s growing economy.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Management:  New York City’s infrastructure and built environment will exemplify global economic, environmental, and social leadership.
  • Broadband:  Every resident and business will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere by 2025.

Vision 2: Our Just and Equitable City

OneNYC will have an inclusive, equitable economy that offers well-paying jobs and opportunities for all New Yorkers to live with dignity and security:

  • Integrated Government and Social Services:  All New Yorkers will have access to high-quality, conveniently located, community-based City resources that promote civic engagement and enable them to thrive.
  • Healthcare Access:  All New Yorkers will have access to the physical and mental healthcare services they need.
  • Vision Zero:  New Yorkers will continue to embrace Vision Zero and accept no traffic fatalities on New York City Street.

Vision 3: Our Sustainable City

OneNYC will ensure that New York City is the most sustainable big city in the world and a global leader in the fight against climate change:

  • 80×50:  New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions will be 80% lower by 2050 in comparison to 2005.
  • Zero Waste: New York City will send zero waste to landfills by 2030.
  • Air Quality: New York City will have the best air quality among all large U.S. cities by 2030.
  • Vision 4: Our Resilient City

OneNYC will ensure that our neighborhoods, economy, and public services are ready to withstand and emerge stronger from the impacts of climate change and other 21st century threats:

  • Buildings: The city’s buildings will be upgraded against climate impacts.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure systems across the region will adapt to enable continued services.
  • Coastal Defense: New York City’s coastal defenses will be strengthened against flood and sea level rise.

Click here to learn more about OneNYC including complete initiatives and indicators.