LPC Comments Can Now Be Submitted Online

Posted on August, 25 2017

LPC Comments Can Now Be Submitted Online.

The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) oversees the regulation of over 36,000 landmarked buildings and 141 historic districts within New York City.

The LPC identifies potential landmark buildings and historic districts and also oversees applications to make alterations to such buildings.

When such buildings or districts are proposed to be designated or permits are requested to do work on such buildings, there is a public involvement in the form of hearings and subsequent meetings.

The LPC takes written testimony from the public on these buildings and such written testimony can now be submitted online via an online form. All written testimony submitted online must be received by 4:00 PM on the Monday preceding the hearing or meeting.

To see the calendar of LPC’s agenda of meetings & hearings see the Public Hearing agenda and the associated presentation material for the hearings and meetings can be found here.