Getting Ready for the Holidays

Posted on December, 1 2017

Design 2147 would like to remind our friends and family about filing Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) permits for any upcoming holiday parties.

TPA permits are usually obtained for a specific event in a space that is not a Public Assembly (PA) with a Certificate of Operation.  TPAs may also be issued for temporary configurations in existing permanent PA spaces.

TPAs are required for gatherings of 75 people or more in an indoor space or roof terrace. TPAs are also required for gatherings of 200 people or more in a confined outdoor space (excluding terraces).

The following items are needed to file a TPA request:

  1. Plans, including furniture layout (signed & sealed by licensed professional)
  2. Request Letter describing event including specific dates and time of event (signed & sealed by licensed professional)
  3. DOB Filing Fee

TPA Timeline


During Event

  • Approved plans must be readily available on-site during event
  • DOB acceptance letter must be available on-site during event
  • FDNY inspection
    • Prior to or during the TPA event FDNY will come to inspect the space for compliance with approved plans
    • FDNY will invoice the building owner for this inspection

Additional Considerations

  • The duration of a TPA permit can range from one day (for a specific event) to thirty days for an on-going public assembly use. On-going TPA permits may be renewed every thirty days.
  • Typically, certified fire guards are required to direct occupants to exits as specified by the applicant and the DOB.

Any temporary structures, including tents greater than 400 square feet, may require permits.