Getting Ready For “Heat Season”

Posted on October, 3 2018
It’s that time of year; “heat season” is upon us.  As of October 1st, owners of buildings are legally required to provide tenants with heating to the units.  Minimum requirements differ from day and night time hours.
From 6:00AM to 10:00PM, heat is only required if the outside temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, in which case the inside of the unit must be heated to at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
From 10:00PM to 6:00AM, units must be heated to at least 62 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of what the outside temperature is.
Such temperatures must be maintained throughout the heat season which ends May 31 st.
These requirements were changed last year and were reported in our prior newsletter found here.
For more information see the HPD notice on heat and hot water here.