Exciting News from Design 2147, Ltd. As Well As New Safety Penalties and Inspection Sweeps

Posted on February, 25 2016

We are pleased to announce some exciting changes in our Code and Zoning Consulting Division. Effective immediately, Matthew Schommer has been promoted and will be our Division Executive. He will assume key responsibility for oversight and management for the group. Tony Agati will now be more available and intensely focused on special projects and targeted in-depth analysis.

Matthew Schommer is an attorney who specializes in Land Use and Municipal Code Compliance issues. He has been with Design 2147, Ltd. since 2014 and has a broad range of experience along with a strong set of management skills ideal for dealing with the multitude of complex projects this team regularly handles.

Mayor de Blasio and DOB Commissioner Chandler announced increased construction safety measures across the city.

Since 2009, construction in New York City has more than tripled creating jobs and leading to more preventable construction-related injuries.  Penalties for serious safety lapses are being increased from $2,400 to $10,000. Similarly, the penalty for lacking a construction superintendent increased from $5,000 to $25,000 maximum. Further, the DOB will be suspending or revoking licenses/registrations for professionals involved in unsafe construction practices such as Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, and Construction Superintendents.

In the past year an excessive amount of accidents occurred at sites for buildings under 10 stories. This month, DOB inspectors began visiting sites of contractors with bad safety records at buildings less than 10 stories. A total of 1,500 sites will be included in this inspection sweep in the next 3 months. Inspectors will be on the lookout for many types of safety violations including failure to use proper safety equipment, installation of guardrails, and trip hazards.

Currently, construction superintendents are required for new construction. By this July, all major construction projects at buildings less than 10 stories will also require construction superintendents. These superintendents will be required to review sites daily and log all safety information.

As part of the Building One City Plan, by this summer the DOB will hire 100 new enforcement inspections. Additionally, as part of this $120 million modernization, the DOB will be increasing its capability to analyze information and identify threats to public safety in construction.

Read the full press release from the Mayor’s Office click here.