Elevator Inspection Updates

Posted on March, 10 2022

New requirements for elevator inspections have been enacted, requiring shorter timelines for filing reports of initial category tests and corrections in compliance with Local Law 126 of 2021.

Elevator Category Test Updates:
  • Agencies performing the category test must notify DOB 5 days before testing (not 7 days) for Category 1 escalator tests, Category 3 water hydraulic elevator tests, and Category 5 elevator tests.
  • Category testing reports must be filed within 21 days after the test (not 60 days).
  • Defects identified in period elevator inspection reports must be submitted within 90 days of the category test (not 120 days)
  • Owners may request two 45-day extensions
  • Affirmation of corrections must be submitted within 14 days after corrections are completed (not 60 days)

For more information see the Elevator Industry Notice and Service Update.