DOB Resumes Processing of Non-Essential Permits & Inspection Requests

Posted on May, 29 2020

The DOB has announced that as of next week they will resume processing inspection requests and initial permits for non-essential construction. These services are resuming in anticipation of the state of emergency and New York State Executive Order 202.6 being revised to allow construction to resume.

Inspection Requests:


As of Monday, June 1st inspection requests may be submitted through DOB NOW: Inspections for non-essential construction. When the non-essential construction suspension is lifted these inspections will be performed. It is important to note that work on non-essential construction sites is prohibited until the suspension is lifted.


Initial Permits:


On Monday June 1st initial permit requests can be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. As of Wednesday, June 3rd initial permit submissions for non-essential construction BIS applications may commence and will be processed online through eSubmit. eSubmit is a DOB portal for electronic document submission, it is important to ensure that all documents submitted are complete and legible to avoid delays.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office for assistance with any permit requests.

While DOB will be issuing permits in anticipation of the non-essential construction ban being lifted, it is still prohibited for work to commence on non-essential sites.

Alt 2 & Alt 3 Applications:

Effective Monday, June 1st Alt 2 and Alt 3 filings will not be accepted in-person at the borough offices and must be submitted via eFiling as HUB Full-Service or HUB Self-Service applications. Alt 1 and New Building applications will continue to follow current procedures. On Monday, June 8th, all BIS Job applications must be submitted in eFiling and will not be accepted at the borough offices in-person. The following applications are exempt from eFiling: full demolition, legalization, no work project, subdivision, and School Construction Authority (SCA). Builders Pavement Plans (BPP) for standard plan examination must be electronically submitted via HUB Full-Service. Professional certified BPPs are to be submitted at the borough offices. All applications must digitally upload plans and required documents via eSubmit.

Your Design 2147 project managers will guide you through this process and will be reaching out if any additional items are needed due to these submission process changes.

The DOB will continue to periodically inspect essential and non-essential construction sites for compliance. Non-compliance will cause a violation to be issued which may carry a penalty up to $10,000.

For more information on the changes effective next week please see the DOB’s Service Notice.