DOB No-Penalty Retaining Wall, Deck and Porch Program

Posted on June, 23 2017

Summer is here! With the heat, New Yorkers will be spending more time outside on their porches, decks, and retaining walls, but when was the last time that retaining wall, deck, or porch was inspected or had repairs done?

The Department of Buildings offers a yearly program that allows property owners to request a penalty-free no cost inspection of retaining walls, decks, and porches to help ensure that the structures are both legal and safe for use during this summer season.
Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their decks and porches are maintained in a safe condition at all times. The free inspection will allow property owners a chance to be made aware of any hazardous conditions for porches, decks, and retaining walls, at no cost to them. If any unsafe conditions are found, the Department of Buildings will give property owners time to the corrective repairs, which are required by law, and will defer issuing violations.
To take advantage of the program, call 311 to request an inspection before July 29, 2017.
For more information on the program see:
No Penalty Deck and Porch Inspection Program