DOB Enforcement Begins for COVID-19 Guidelines

Posted on July, 8 2020

Today marks 30 days since construction restarted in New York City, when DOB will begin issuing violations with penalties for non-compliance.

Department of Building (DOB) inspectors have been inspecting construction sites throughout the city to confirm compliance with all City and State mandated requirements for social distancing and hygiene on construction sites.

Sites that are in violation of any COVID-19 guidance including not having the State affirmation posted and not having hand washing/sanitizing stations will be issued a Stop Work Order (SWO) by DOB inspectors. See the DOB’s new Service Notice for instructions on how to rescind a COVID-19 safety guidance SWO through the new DOB NOW portal.

For more information on the requirements for restarting construction see our prior newsletters on our news page and the DOB’s Construction Restart page.