City Council Passed Four New Construction Safety Bills

Posted on December, 3 2021

The New York City Council passed for new bills to increase construction safety.

Int 2263A-2021 – Definition of Major Building
The threshold for a major building construction site was lowered and now includes construction sites for existing or proposed buildings 7 or more stories or 75 feet or more in height. Formerly a major building was defined as 10 stories or 125 feet. This change will trigger additional site safety requirements for more construction sites across the City.
Int 2276A-2021 – Construction Superintendents
This bill requires major building construction sites to designate a full-time construction superintendent, who will be responsible for safety and code compliance, along with overall management of the construction project, in addition to a site safety coordinator or site safety manager. A construction superintendent is not required for a 1-, 2-, or 3-family building.
Int 2262A-2021 – Final Inspections for Temporary Construction Equipment Permits and Prohibiting Stand-off Brackets
Final inspection is no longer required for temporary construction equipment permits. The installation or use of a stand-off bracket is prohibited.
Int 2264A-2021 – Cold-formed Steel Construction
This bill amends existing requirements and adds new requirements for the use of cold-formed steel light-frame construction and amends the special inspection requirements.