Bicycle Access for Office and Residential Buildings

Posted on December, 9 2016

A recent Code update revised bicycle access requirements for existing office buildings and mandates new requirements for residential buildings.

In office buildings owners must allow foldable bicycles to be transported on a passenger elevator if it is fully folded.  A foldable bicycle must be 20″ x 36″ x 32″ when collapsed.

Tenants of office buildings may request the building owner provide a bicycle access plan. A bicycle access plan is only required if requested in office buildings in existence on December 11, 2009, with a freight elevator, and when not otherwise required to have bicycle parking by the Zoning Resolution. Office building owners must allow tenants to use a freight elevator to transport bicycles during normal elevator operating hours. The bicycle access plan must be filed with the Department of Transportation by mail or electronically here.

In residential buildings that are classified as occupancy group R-2, owners must allow tenants to use a passenger elevator to transport bicycles. Alternatively, owners may direct tenants to use a freight elevator if a building personnel escort is not required and if a passenger elevator may be used whenever the freight elevator is not available.

These provisions were enacted by Local Laws 105, 106, & 107 of 2016 effective September 28, 2016. To view the Construction Code update page see the DOB site here.