Benchmarking Reports due by May 1, 2015

Posted on April, 23 2015

The deadline to submit annual energy usage benchmarking reports is May 1, 2015.   Owners of qualifying buildings must submit their reports prior to the deadline to avoid penalties and fees.

Failure to submit a benchmarking report will result in violations and a penalty of $500.  Continued failure to report required energy usage will result in additional violations on a quarterly basis and additional penalties of $500 per violation.

Buildings that meet any of the following characteristics must submit benchmarking reports:

  • Buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet; or
  • A tax lot that contains two or more buildings that, together, exceed 100,000 gross square feet; or
  • Two or more buildings held in a condominium form of ownership that, together, are larger than 100,000 gross square feet.