Back to Basics: Registered Landscape Architects as Design Applicants

Posted on July, 15 2016

The 2014 New York City Building Code made several changes that affect how projects are filed with the Department of Buildings. Included in these changes was expanding the scope of work that Registered Landscape Architects (RLAs) can file for.

Landscape architects can now sign and seal as the design applicant for curb cut and landscape work types. Previously landscape architects were only permitted to be the applicant on Alteration Type 3 Builders Pavement Plan (BPP) applications.

The full scope of work a landscape architect may sign and seal for, as stated in the 2014 NYC Administrative Code includes “landscaping and vegetation plans, tree protection plans, erosion and sedimentation plans, grading and drainage plans, curb cuts, pavement plans, and site plans for urban plazas and parking lots…Landscape architects shall not file plans for stormwater management and plumbing systems.”

A landscape architect must be licensed and registered with the State of New York. The NYC Department of Buildings verifies that all design applicants have a valid license in the State of New York.