Back to Basics: Sprinklers for Residential Buildings

Posted on April, 7 2017

Sprinkler systems are an integral part of a building’s fire protection system and as such are governed by several standards.

Sprinkler systems are subject to Chapter 9 (Fire Protection Systems) and Appendix Q (Modified National Standards for Automatic Sprinkler, Standpipe, Fire Pump and Fire Alarm Systems)of the 2014 NYC Building Code. Chapter 9 (Fire Protection Systems) of the 2014 NYC Fire Code also has regulations for sprinkler systems.

Most residential building (group R occupancies) are required to have an automatic sprinkler system.  Automatic sprinkler systems are NOT required in detached one-family dwelling, detached two-family dwellings, and townhouses if the residences are three stories or less above grade and have separate means of egress.

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