Amnesty Program for ECB Violations

Posted on July, 28 2016

Do you have unresolved Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations in judgment? If so, you may be able to resolve them without paying some of the penalties and interest. Through the amnesty program, the City will forgive some penalties and waive interest charges on many ECB violations that went into judgment before June 12, 2016. The amnesty program will be available from September 12, 2016, through December 12, 2016.

Only ECB violations outlined below are eligible for the program.

Violations in default status and subject to a default penalty may pay the underlying ECB base penalty without paying the default penalty or any accrued interest. This will satisfy the city and will resolve the outstanding financial liability.

Violations with a judgment determined by the Environmental Control Board (not as a result of a default decision) may be eligible for the amnesty program wherein the Department of Finance extends an offer to pay 75% of the penalty and a waiver of all accrued interest.

Violations with a judgment requiring a certificate of correction may be eligible for the program with limitations. Owners must enter an settlement agreement with the department of finance that the correction of such violation(s) will occur within six months. A 25% deposit of the total fine amount is also required as part of the agreement. Upon correcting the violation, the remaining balance is due.

Additional limitations for eligibility;

Judgments already subject to a settlement agreement with the Department of Finance as part of a previously established resolution program (LL47/09) cannot participate.

All payments must be made within the temporary 90 day window.

Owners subject to a criminal investigation cannot participate.

To read the Amnesty Program for ECB violations release click here