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Planning a Party This Summer?

Posted on May 5, 2017


With the warm summer weather fast approaching and many events upcoming make sure your space is compliant with a Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA).

TPA permits are usually obtained for a specific event in a space that is not a Public Assembly (PA) with a Certificate of Operation. TPAs are required for gatherings of more than 75 people in an indoor space or roof terrace. TPAs are also required for gatherings of 200 people or more in a confined outdoor space (excluding terraces).

The duration of a TPA permit can range from one day (for a specific event) to thirty days for an on-going public assembly use. On-going TPA permits may be renewed every thirty to ninety days.

Typically, certified fire guards are required to direct occupants to exits as specified by the applicant and the DOB.

TPA requests must include:

  1. Plans, including furniture layout (signed & sealed by licensed professional)
  2. Request Letter describing event including specific dates and time of event (signed & sealed by licensed professional)
  3. DOB Filing Fee

TPA Timeline

10 Business Days

Prior to Event

3 Business Days

Prior to Event

Day Before Event Day of Event During Event
Earliest day to submit TPA request

DOB TPA filing fee

Last possible day to submit TPA request

DOB TPA filing fee

+ Priority DOB filing fee

DOB objections (if any) e-mailed to applicant Resubmit TPA plans/request to address objections (if any)

Receive DOB Approval Letter

Architect ensures space complies with DOB Approval Letter & Approved plans

FDNY Inspection


During Event

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