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Landmarks Backlog

Posted on March 3, 2016

The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) is actively working to address the backlog of properties under consideration for designation. LPC held a public meeting on February 23rd to take action.

In 2015 LPC identified a backlog of 95 sites which were calendared, or under consideration for designation, prior to 2010. Of these 95 properties, 85% had been in calendared status for 20 or more years. LPC launched the backlog initiative to address these calendared properties with a three phase plan;

  1. Public Review Period,
  2. Special Hearings Dedicated to Backlog Items, and
  3. Subsequent Decisions.

This past fall LPC held four Special Hearings on the backlogged properties with input from the public. LPC staff compiled summaries of these public testimonies, written submissions, and LPC’s own research and recommendations. After reviewing all of this information the Commissioners took several actions;

For a complete list of all Commission actions click here.

The actions taken on February 23rd are being lauded as a great success, showing that LPC is addressing the backlog in a transparent and public manner.

To find out more about the LPC backlog initiative click here.

To read the LPC press release about the February 23rd meeting click here.

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