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Back to Basics: Determinations and Waivers

Posted on March 2, 2017

Many complex projects require special consideration from the Department of Buildings (DOB) regarding various Code and Zoning topics. These requests are often referred to reconsiderations, pre-considerations, predeterminations, waivers, or variances – they are all considered determinations.

Determinations must be filed for a specific property-the DOB will not review a determination which is a general request and not building specific. Determination requests can be filed before a DOB application is filed, known as a predetermination, or after a DOB application is filed. Determinations can also be filed in response to a DOB Plan Examiner objection. Attachments such as plans, sketches, or other supporting documentation are often submitted with determination requests.

Zoning Resolution Determination (ZRD1) are filed with DOB for interpretations and clarifications of the Zoning Resolution. Any variances of the Zoning Resolution must be filed with the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA).

A Construction Code Determination (CCD1) may be filed with DOB for interpretations, clarifications and variances of the Building Code, Rules, or Multiple Dwelling Law Sec. 277.16 (Article 7B conversions). Any variance requests must include an explanation of the practical difficulty or hardship in complying with the code and a description of the proposed equally safe alternative.

Accessibility waivers will not be issued by the DOB without approval from the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD). Once MOPD grants an accessibility waiver it can be submitted to the DOB.

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